Here's what some of our customers are saying:

Shibli comes through again with an excellent repair!  Quality Plus has fixed my shower and another toilet before, so I knew to expect the usual quality service.
I called this morning to ask if they could come out to fix a leaking toilet and they made arrangements to come at 11am since I wanted it fixed same day.  Shibli even came 20 minutes earlier, inspected my toilet, identified a problem and replaced with the part he had in stock in his truck.  The entire process was done in under 30 minutes and my toilet is as good as new :-)

I would recommend Quality Plus Plumbing to anyone looking for excellent workmanship, and great and efficient service.  Thank you, Shibli and team!

Leon K. - Santa Clara review
My neighbor recommended Quality Plus a couple weeks ago. They picked up when I called and had someone out that day. Total cost to fix leaky faucet was $125. The plumber was friendly, professional and very quick. What more can you ask?! Highly recommend!

James F. - Santa Clara review
They came out today to unclog our kitchen sink. They worked quickly and efficiently.  They also fixed the kitchen leak.  I was amazed they were able to do so much so fast.  They were very professional and I'll definitely call them the next time we have a plumbing issue.

UCLA B. - Santa Clara review
We've used  them twice now. Once 6 months ago  to replace our dishwasher. And today  to replace our toilet. Both times have been very professional and  have left our house cleaner than they found it. The price has  always bee equal to the quote. I will definitely be using them for any other plumbing needs that we have.

Cory W. - Santa Clara review
Quality Plus Plumbing replaced our main water line from the meter to the house, which was leaking. They suggested to use a subcontractor for using "trenchless" technology, which avoided removing plants and pavements between the meter and the house. They did an excellent job with the replacement. They were very responsive, did the job very soon after calling them, and the price was reasonable.

Ulrich H. - Santa Clara review

Shibli and Robert fixed a number of issues:

  1. leaking faucet to my washer in the garage
  2. replaced water shut-off valve and hose outlet outside the house
  3. put a pressure reducing valve
    The whole process from scheduling to completion was smooth, 
    efficient and professional. 
    I am very happy with their work and quality and would count on them.

    Vic M. - Santa Clara review

The saga continues...

My tenant called to say bathroom tub is not draining and she got two quotes: $180, $185.  I told her to call Shibli because he's smart, he did good work for me last year and I trust him.  He got the job done for $95.  

Why use Quality Plus Plumbing?  Quality work, reasonable prices and excellent service.  Thanks guys!

Steve S. - Santa Clara review

Robert has been great to work with.

I've engaged him for two projects, so this is a review for both:

Problem #1:
The house is located in an area where hard water is pretty severe.  I didn't want to install a water softener because that would change the mineral makeup of the water.  Instead I purchased a ScaleBlaster device but it requires at least a 6" straight copper pipe from the main valve to the house and all I had was galvanized steel. 

Resolution #1:
Robert punctually arrived and found that main valve from the city main to the house was old and brittle and broke when he tried to shut off the water to the house.  The city had to be called in and fix it.  They fixed it and Robert came back out with zero complaints and replaced the old galvanized steel circle valve with a nice brass valve with a lever and provided enough copper pipe into the house for me to install the ScaleBlaster and my hard water problems are gone.  He was a complete professional about the whole affair.

Problem #2:
When I bought my house I had the kitchen and two bathrooms remodeled by a contractor who shall remain as "A".  The original kitchen didn't have a gas line for the stove, so when we remodeled and selected a gas stove/oven combo, A installed a new gas line under the house.  It was found lying on the ground and not properly supported and A had drilled a gigantic hole in the foundation to put the gas pipe down.

Resolution #2:
Robert punctually arrived and patched the foundation and took the old furnace gas line and attached it to the stove.  It was a clean job and very professionally done.

I highly recommend Robert for his commitment to integrity.  He wants to do the job right and isn't content with sloppy work.

Eric K. - Santa Clara review

I'd highly recommend Quality Plus. They answered the phone when I first called and came out to give a free quote. When they actually did the work, Robert was great. He did 6 different things and stayed with each until it was completely fixed. This included having to clean out a valve multiple times because it kept getting clogged when water was turned back on but he didn't stop until it was working like it should.

P R. - Santa Clara review

No hot water for 2 days, called PG&E and then had technician come out but they said there was an issue with the water tank and I need to call a plumber, ugh. I found Quality Plumbing on Yelp and left a voice message the next morning. Robert called me back within 2 hours and we booked an appointment to have someone come the next day to look at our water heater. Shibli got our water heater fixed and back running within the hour, very professional and quick. Day 4, we finally have hot water again! Very happy with the service, quality of work and would definitely recommend these guys, they're awesome!

Marissa M. - Santa Clara review

Called three places and Quality Plus was the only one where I actually got to talk to someone.  Not even a call back from the other two.  Excellent communication, arrived only a few minutes later than scheduled, but the work was done quickly and I was able to move along with the rest of my day.

Todd M. - Santa Clara review

The plumber came out and said he get back to me that was 4 days ago. Wow great way to run a business. Don't call them
Update they are trying to make a wrong right will update more when they are done.
Update they came out today and fixed my plumbing problem and checked under the house. So I must say they did a great job and would recommend them. They worked with me to get this done and thank you for taking the time. Slow start great finish!!!

Toni T. - Santa Clara review